Five Mile Feast

By 14th November 2016 August 25th, 2017 Supper Club

So we set ourselves a challenge for the last supper club; could we source all of the ingredients for our entire menu from within 5 miles of our supper club in Hove?

When we first sat down to plan the menu the task seemed very daunting, but we soon learnt that we had only scratched the surface of all the great local producers, suppliers and more importantly the generosity and kindness of people.

Businesses and locals came to us with suggestions and offers; a bag full of herbs from The Herb Kitchen, dark chocolate from Audrey’s, rosemary lemonade from the Old Tree Co-op, and pears from a friends garden. The menu was bursting with local, lovingly sourced and delicious ingredients.

And our supper clubbers on the night were fabulous – why are we still surprised?! It’s the sole reason we do the supper clubs, to meet the people in our community. This time we had coffee shop managers, the obligatory designer, a school teacher, a physio, a musician – the stories, laughs and hugs at the end of the night make running a supper club truly special. So a massive thank you as always to our guests, you were wonderful and it’s beautiful bumping into you on the streets now.

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