Vessels – Autumn Supper Club in Hove

Our wonderful friend Simone opened up her beautiful shop – Keep it Living – for us to host two very special nights of our Vessels supper club.

For Vessels, we created a cozy autumnal supper club where we paired the beautiful ceramics at Keep it Living with the colours and textures of our seasonal dishes. We explored the relationship between how food is served and the way we experience it; with bright pink butter-glazed radishes served in delicate ceramic bowls, rich roasted cauliflower, sage and almond risotto in cozy individual vessels, and a delicious kirsch, black cherry and chocolate tart on elegant plates.

Both evenings were extremely special, but the Friday night really meant a lot to us as we hosted one of the amazing nurses who helped us out so much during Libby’s time in hospital. The night very much summed up what we hope our supper clubs are; an opportunity to laugh and enjoy some great company and food, but also to meet new people in an environment where we feel comfortable to connect with each other.

Find out more about why we started our supper clubs, and see dates for our upcoming supper clubs.


Supper Club in Hove

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