Having visited Keep it Living over the last few years and falling in love with it, we jumped at the chance to host an event in Simone’s beautiful shop. If you’ve never been, get down there! The space alone and it’s incredible 1920’s shop front is worth a visit, not to mention the beautiful products.

We designed our menu to showcase the various vessels that Keep It Living stocks, with butter-glazed radishes served in individual ceramic bowls, goat cheese canapes on rustic oak trays and dark chocolate and cherry tart on beautiful plates.

We hosted two evenings which were extremely special, but the Friday night really meant a lot to us as we hosted one of the amazing nurses who helped us out so much during Libby’s time in Hospital. The night very much summed up what we hope our supper clubs are, an opportunity to laugh and enjoy some great company and food, but also to meet new people and feel comfortable to connect with one another.

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