Campfire Feast Supper Club

Maddy at A Slow Adventure asked us to provide an Autumnal campfire feast supper club at her harvest retreat weekend at Wriggly Tin campsite in Hampshire. She was hosting 17 guests for a long weekend of yoga, creative writing and slow living to celebrate the season.

As part of the campfire feast we led a hands-on cookery workshop, showing the guests how to make some of the different elements of the meal. We made delicious quick-pickled vegetables, yoghurt flatbreads which we cooked on the fire, and a few varieties of spiced butter with different herbs, spices, lemon zest and chilli to melt over the flatbreads.

We served our cocktails during the cookery workshop which were made from foraged ingredients – there was a choice of blackberry and rosemary gin shrub, or a spiced pear collins, which were both delicious.

After the workshop, the guests took their seats at the table in the wooden hut next to the campfire which had been beautifully laid with candles, autumn flowers and beautiful menus designed by Everyday Artefacts.

We served a trio of starters; golden paneer which had been marinated in five spices and charred over the fire with mini rotis and lime pickle, charred baby peppers with salsa verde, and mini fire-baked potatoes with sour cream and tomato salsa. The light in the field was fading as we served the delicious warming butternut squash dahl alongside the flatbreads, spiced butter, pickles and a selection of chutneys. The final course was muscat poached pears with dukkah, and we followed this with homemade blackberry s’mores as we all sat chatting around the campfire.

It was a beautiful evening with lots of great conversations and we’re looking forward to doing more campfire cooking at future supper clubs.

Photographs from A Slow Adventure and Notes to the Moon.

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