A Global Supper Club

We were invited to take part in Sobremesa – a global dinner series by Sunday Suppers who curate four dinners a year, inviting people from around the world to partake as hosts. Each dinner takes places in a different city around the globe.

“The notion of opening our homes to friends and loved ones is of utmost importance. The gatherings are to be joyous, of mixed crowds, and represent each community’s flavours and spirit. We are excited to see this new wave of dinners and let the beauty of the unexpected unfold.”

The Fall meal was inspired by the earth and the processes of fermentation and natural aging. Fall connects us back to the earth; as the season shifts, the colour palette mutes and darkens to deep, warm hues. We turn inward, move at a slower pace and look for comfort. Spending more time indoors, we gather around the table with the ones we love.

The menu featured six courses and included bread with black garlic butter, pear, endive, fennel and smoked ricotta salad, short rib with chilli oil and garlic chips, braised olives, saffron risotto and a plum torte with espresso. A communal cooking element was included, using the smoked ricotta for the pear, endive and fennel salad.

We love working on collaborations, if you’ve got an idea then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

A Global Supper Club


— the time after a meal when the food is gone, but the conversation around the table continues.

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