The past few years have provided plenty of opportunities to take stock, reflect, dream and plan. Libby completed her studies as a nutritional therapist, qualifying just weeks before we welcomed baby Figgy into the world and our lives. Close friends and family experienced life-changing health scares and cover stripped community, health and optimism from all corners of the globe.

After much thought on how to reconnect and build a new narrative out of the pandemic, our decision has been to double down on the things we love and believe will make a stronger and happier place for us and our community to live; beautiful, health-giving food, grown in friendly ways, cooked lovingly and shared generously, celebrating life.

Welcome Field Food — a celebration of health, through food and friendship. We’ll continue laying long table feasts, but with greater attention on providing soul and soil-enriching food. We’ll also be launching Field Food Larder and Field Food Nutrition; everyday support for people looking to find more enjoyable and healthier relationships with eating. From the Larder, you’ll be able to buy small-batch, health-hacking, flavour-bombing store-cupboard goods. And Libby will be opening her nutritional clinic to individuals and small groups to discover how food and our relationship to it can change our everyday lives and opportunity to feel fully energised.


Whether breakfast, lunch, or supper, our feasts are a celebration of the seasons; big, beautiful meals shared with like-minded people. Our menus are curated from local produce; from organic veg to wild foraged herbs and regeneratively-farmed and lovingly-reared meats. Nourishment for the body and the soul.


As a nutritional therapist and lover of food, it is a huge privilege to be able to work with individuals and small groups to explore how our diets may be impacting our health and happiness, and to provide real solutions to bring our bodies back into balance. Discover a joyful approach to nourishing yourself.


This is all about taking the flavour and health hacks from our feasts and sharing them with our community to use at home. Everything is handmade in small batches with the best quality, seasonal ingredients, ready for you to add to your everyday meals.

If you’ve loved One Supper Club, we think you’re really going to like Field Food.

Field Food

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If you’ve loved One Supper Club, we think you’re really going to like Field Food.

At Field Food we lay our long-table feasts with a greater emphasis on soul and soil-enriching food.

Come check out our new website where we explore ways of creating more enjoyable and healthier relationships with eating.

Or continue browsing here for private catering and details of our past events.