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Our Thanksgiving was our biggest supper club so far and we had a blast! Stepping into the industrial kitchen at The Square to cater for 40 certainly made us take stock of how far One Supper Club has come!

The night began with Tony of The Sea, our resident DJ for the night, spinning an all American setlist whilst people enjoyed a cranberry fizz cocktail and some pumpkin arancini. Then came the indulgent mac n’cheese, oozing with happiness, and two true American sharing courses; platters flowing with pulled pork, roast vegetables, candied yams, stuffing…… and finally a choice of bourbon pumpkin pie or a bourbon chocolate gallette.

The lead up to the event, and the evening itself was a real team effort with friends and new faces helping to bring all of our ideas together. We’re so grateful to everyone who has helped and supported us in running our supper club and raising money for The Sussex Heart Charity.

What a wonderful way to finish this season of supper clubs!


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Having visited Keep it Living over the last few years and falling in love with it, we jumped at the chance to host an event in Simone’s beautiful shop. If you’ve never been, get down there! The space alone and it’s incredible 1920’s shop front is worth a visit, not to mention the beautiful products.

We designed our menu to showcase the various vessels that Keep It Living stocks, with butter-glazed radishes served in individual ceramic bowls, goat cheese canapes on rustic oak trays and dark chocolate and cherry tart on beautiful plates.

We hosted two evenings which were extremely special, but the Friday night really meant a lot to us as we hosted one of the amazing nurses who helped us out so much during Libby’s time in Hospital. The night very much summed up what we hope our supper clubs are, an opportunity to laugh and enjoy some great company and food, but also to meet new people and feel comfortable to connect with one another.

Good Food Good Mood!

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Our new season of supper clubs couldn’t have started in a better way than our brunch last weekend. Our incredible guests turned up on a sunshine-filled morning for a long, relaxed brunch full of good food and good company. The huge shutter doors were pulled wide open and with the sun pouring in our guests chatted and sipped on our prosecco brunch punch.

This event was a collaboration with The Spring Oven so the food was all about celebrating bread and baking. We served up rhubarb-roasted peaches, granola pots with caramelised rye-croutons, a citrus salad, cinnabuns, avocado toast and baked vanilla french toast with blackberry syrup. The cinnabuns may have stolen the show.. we tried several test batches over the last few weeks and the Kinfolk Table recipe for Cinnamon Pulla was the one!

This pop up was one of those events that truly inspires us to do more; the laughter and conversations that poured from the tables was why we started this little adventure and we really couldn’t be happier.

Huge thanks to our friends Antonia Mckenzie, Emma Croman and The Spring Oven for helping to make the event such a huge, beautiful success!

On our doorstep

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This week we decided to treat ourselves and took a couple of days off to enjoy the summer in Brighton – it was the perfect time to try some new foodie spots around town. We had dinner at The Pond on Gloucester Rd; a selection of their Baby Bao buns and tempura and IT WAS DELICIOUS. I haven’t stopped raving about it since we went. The relaxed pub atmosphere and mouthwatering food were a winning combination for us.

The next day we stopped by Lost in the Lanes to have brunch – another coffee shop yes, but this place stands out. The detail and thought in each dish we tried was amazing and everything was delicious. Avocado on toast has a new standard – it’s Instagram ready but just put your phone down and enjoy.

Every week there seems to be a new cafe or restaurant opening up in Brighton or Hove – if they’re all half as good as these two then we’re not complaining.

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Corn on the Cob: Our Favourite Way

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Corn on the cob; the summery-est of foods, with it’s bright golden hue. There is something about sweetcorn and warm days that sits just right. We’ve eaten countless cobs of corn this summer, here’s our favourite way:

Pull the leaves from the corn cobs and put them under a pre-heated grill. Keep an eye on them and turn regularly until they are deeply golden all over, about 10 minutes.

Add a couple of tablespoons of oil and two cloves of finely chopped garlic to a saucepan and wam gently until the garlic just starts to colour.

When the corn is golden and tender remove it to a large plate. Brush the garlic oil all over and sprinkle with chopped basil leaves and grated parmesan. Enjoy straight away.

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Five Mile Feast

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So we set ourselves a challenge for the last supper club; could we source all of the ingredients for our entire menu from within 5 miles of our supper club in Hove?

When we first sat down to plan the menu the task seemed very daunting, but we soon learnt that we had only scratched the surface of all the great local producers, suppliers and more importantly the generosity and kindness of people.

Businesses and locals came to us with suggestions and offers; a bag full of herbs from The Herb Kitchen, dark chocolate from Audrey’s, rosemary lemonade from the Old Tree Co-op, and pears from a friends garden. The menu was bursting with local, lovingly sourced and delicious ingredients.

And our supper clubbers on the night were fabulous – why are we still surprised?! It’s the sole reason we do the supper clubs, to meet the people in our community. This time we had coffee shop managers, the obligatory designer, a school teacher, a physio, a musician – the stories, laughs and hugs at the end of the night make running a supper club truly special. So a massive thank you as always to our guests, you were wonderful and it’s beautiful bumping into you on the streets now.

The Simple Things

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We love collaborating with companies and brands who share our philosophy of slowing down and enjoying what you have; as The Simple Things magazine puts it, ‘taking time to live well’. So we couldn’t have been happier to co-host a supper club with them as part of #supperclubsaturday, welcoming editor Lisa and a group of the magazines subscribers to share a meal with us. Our menu was inspired by the delicious springtime produce including spring-vegetable crudité, risotto with buttered asparagus, Prosecco berry jelly and caramel hazelnut tarts.

Thank you to The Simple Things sponsor Neptune for providing us with a surprise host pack containing the most beautiful crockery, glassware and linen for our supper clubs. We were blown away by their products and thrilled to be part of this event.

Italian Supper Club Hove

Italian Feast

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With hints of summer popping up we tempted in more sunshine by hosting a Venetian-inspired evening. A reception of Bellinis and olives welcomed our guests and over a sharing board filled with crostini, garlic and chilli prawns, arancini and Caprese tomatoes (and a few more Bellinis) we enjoyed laughs and stories as we settled into the night. Each group of supper clubbers bring something totally fresh and unexpected and this evening was no different – we were spoilt with incredible creative minds, style icons, barber fashionistas and bearded beauties.

Henry and Libby Turner - One Supper Club Hove

Photoshoot with Emma Gutteridge

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So many opportunities have opened up to us since starting our supper club, but the most exciting was being approached by Emma Gutteridge who wanted to document our supper club. We’ve been a fan of Emma’s photography for a long time having seen it in some of our favourite magazines, blogs and websites.

Emma captured our whole process from planning to sourcing our ingredients, prepping, cooking and hosting one of our supper clubs. We had so much fun during the three day shoot and we couldn’t be happier with the beautiful photos that you see on our website and instagram.

We can’t recommend Emma enough if you’re looking to have some photos taken. She is creative, inspiring and so much fun to work with that you’ll forget that you were ever feeling nervous about being in front of the camera.